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APA 7th Edition Quick Guide and Table Templates

Posted below and attached is an APA 7th edition quick guide for easy and quick reference to the most used APA rules. This is meant to be something you can quickly reference while you work so please either bookmark this page or download the file so you have it on hand.

APA 7 Quick Guide
Download PDF • 146KB

*The formatting is not ideal within the blog, so if you want the most accurate guide with the formatting, please download the pdf.

Additionally, I have created a word document with the most commonly used APA tables as templates for you to be able to copy and paste into your document and edit with your content. I hope these will be useful and reduce some table formatting headaches.

APA Table Templates
Download DOCX • 69KB

APA 7th Edition Quick Guide

This APA 7th edition guide provides some of the basic formatting, in-text citation, and reference citation rules. I hope this will be useful to many. For any questions you may have not answered here, please feel free to contact me at

Leah J. Reinert, PhD, Everyone Needs an Editor

General APA Formatting

· Use only one space after the punctuation at the end of a sentence.

· Use serif or sans-serif font between 11 and 12 point.

· The entire paper should be double-spaced, including block quotes and references. Table text can be single- or 1.5-spaced.

· Make sure you have your paragraph settings to have no space between paragraphs.

· The margins should be 1 inch on all sides.

· APA uses the series, or Oxford, comma.

· Limit your use of italics and use quotation marks instead for accessibility.

· Use the singular “they” instead of “he or she or his or her” as a generic third-person pronoun.

· Avoid passive voice. Be specific about the actor and action.

Heading Levels

1st Level, Centered, Bold, Title Case

2nd Level, Left Aligned, Bold, Title Case

3rd Level, Left Aligned, Bold Italic, Title Case

4th Level, Indented, Bold, Title Case, with a Period. Paragraph content begins after.

5th Level, Indented, Bold Italic, Title Case, with a Period. Paragraph content begins after.

In-Text Citations

When citing sources in-text, make sure you cite them after the first use, not at the end of the usage or paragraph.

One work by one or two authors:

(Author, year) or (Author & Author, year) for each citation.

One work by three or more authors:

(First Author et al., year)

Direct quotations:

If you use a direct quotation in your paper, you must say what page (p. #), if an article, or paragraph (para. #), if a website, the quotation came from. For audiobooks or podcasts use the time of the quote in (00:00) format. For eBooks, use the location number if no page number available (loc. #).

Reference List Basic Format

· Reference list should be double-spaced like the rest of your paper.

· The second, and subsequent lines of the citation are indented. Use the ruler.

· Use the author’s initials, not their full name. If the author includes their middle initial or name, be sure to include it.

· If the book or article has multiple authors, you must list all of them up to the first 20. If the source has 21 or more authors, you list the first 20 then add an ellipses (…) and list the final author.

· Use the & symbol before the last author’s name, not the spelled out “and.”

· Always italicize the journal or magazine title and volume number.

· Always italicize the book title.

· Only capitalize the first word, first word after a colon, or proper nouns in article, book, website, or video titles.

· Make sure you know the format of the item you are citing (i.e., print or electronic).

· Do not include “retrieved from” for website links.

Reference List: Books

Printed Books

Author, A. A. (year). Title of book. Publisher.

Allman, P. (2019). Critical education against global capitalism: Karl Marx and revolutionary critical education. Brill Sense.


Author, A. A. (year). Title of book: Subtitle of book [eBook edition]. Publisher. URL

Panagiotopoulou, J. A., Rosen, L., & Strzykala, J. (Eds.). (2020). Inclusion, education, and translanguaging: How to promote social justice in (teacher) education? [eBook edition]. Springer.


Author, A. A. (year). Title of book (N. Narrator, Narr.) [Audiobook]. Publisher. URL (if applicable)

Obama, M. (2018). Becoming (M. Obama, Narr.) [Audiobook]. Random House.

Book Chapter

Author, A. A., & Author, A. A. (year). Title of chapter. In A. Editor (Ed.), Title of book (pp. #– #). Publisher.

Lester, A. O. S. (2018). Living with three strikes: Being a transwoman of color in education. In S. A. Shelton, J. E. Flynn, & T. J. Grosland (Eds.), Feminism and intersectionality in academia (pp. 145–152). Palgrave Macmillan.

Reference List: Journal/Magazine/Newspaper Articles

Journal Article

Author, A. A., & Author, A. A. (year). Article title. Journal Title, Vol(issue), p#.

Januszyk, R., Miller, E. C., & Lee, O. (2016). Addressing student diversity and equity. Science and Children, 53(8), 28.

Magazine Article

Author, A. A. (year, month date). Article title. Magazine, vol(issue#), p#-#.

Heller, N. (2020, June 1). Too far from home: What’s behind the crisis of the unhoused? The New Yorker, 28–40.

Newspaper Article

Author, A. A. (year, month date). Article title. Newspaper, p#.

Borenstein, S. (2020, September 3). Black holes merge into never before seen size. StarNews, A7.

Electronic Journals/Magazines/Newspaper Articles with DOI

Author, A. (Year). Title. Journal Name, Volume(issue), page numbers. Doi

Hill, M. L. (2018). “Thank you, Black Twitter:” State violence, digital counterpublics, and pedagogies of resistance. Urban Education, 53(2), 286–302.

Reference List: Internet Sources


Author, A. A. (year, month date or year last updated). Title of page. Site name. URL

National Public Radio (NPR). (2020). Arts and life.


Host, A. A. (Host). (year, month date). Title of episode (no. if provided) [Audio podcast episode]. In Name of podcast. Publisher. URL

Ward, A. (Host). (2020, June 4). Pelicanology (pelicans) with Juita Martinez [Audio podcast episode]. In Ologies with Alie Ward. Alie Ward.

YouTube Video

Author, A. A. [Username]. (year, month date). Title of video [Video]. Streaming Service. URL

Houting, J. d. [TEDx Talks]. (2019, November 1). Why everything you know about autism is wrong [Video]. YouTube. EPM&list=WL&index=62&t=0s

Reference List: Conference Sessions and Presentations

Conference Session

Author, A. (YEAR, Month Date(s)). Title [Conference session]. Name of Meeting/Conference name, location. Website if available.

Martinez, D., & Ortiz, Z. (2018, March 3-7). Creating community for foster youth on college campuses: Effective strategies for academic success [Conference session]. NASPA annual conference, Philadelphia, PA, United States.

Paper Presentation

Author, A. (Year, Month Date(s)). Title [Paper presentation]. Name of Meeting/Conference, Location.

Hardison, T., & Castro, E. L. (2018, November 14-17). A timeline of Pell Grant availability in prison: A critical policy analysis regarding access to higher education for incarcerated students [Paper Presentation]. Association for the Study of Higher Education annual meeting, Tampa, FL, United States.


Author, A. (Year, Month Date(s)). Title [Poster presentation]. Name of Meeting/Conference, Location.

Vakil, J. B. (2019, April 6). Identity, recruitment, and retention of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American novice elementary and STEM teachers [Poster presentation]. Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Toronto, CA.

Reference List: Dissertations and Theses

Unpublished Dissertation/Thesis

Author, A. (Year). Title [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]. Degree Awarding Institution.

Daniels, L. R. (2019). The experiences of secondary Black women principals leading change with a predominately White faculty: Cast down, but not destroyed [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]. University of St. Thomas.

Dissertation or Thesis from a Database

Author, A. (Year). Title (Publication No. #) [Master’s Thesis, Degree Granting Institution]. Database or Archive Name.

Smith, D. J. (2011). Reforming the criminal justice system: A pragmatic approach to building a sustainable system (Publication No. 1503912) [Master’s thesis, University of Central Oklahoma]. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global.

Dissertation or Thesis Published Online

Author, A. (Year). Title [Doctoral dissertation, Degree Awarding Institution]. Database or Archive Name. Link.

Reinert, L. J. (2016). Silent strategy: Women faculty and the academic profession [Doctoral dissertation, University of Minnesota]. University of Minnesota Conservancy. E_17155.pdf?sequence=1

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