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I identify as an aspiring faculty member with disabilities. I work through anxiety, depression, negative self-talk, and self-doubt. Leah has: heard me, lifted me, taught me to believe in myself, and pushed me to keep going and grow. I would not be where I am without Leah’s positive guidance. I will continue working with Leah as long as they will have me.

          - Peter J. Campion Doctoral Candidate

                Aspiring Faculty Member with Disabilities University of Minnesota

Working with Leah is wonderful. Their attention to detail, APA rules and style, and document content and organization is impeccable. Leah edited my dissertation proposal. One committee member said it was the cleanest proposal he had seen in a long time. It cleared the way for a smooth proposal defense. It was a true testament to Leah’s work. Their editing skills earned that compliment and eased my nerves during the defense. Their skills allowed my arguments and ideas to shine through in their clearest and strongest form. I am forever grateful for Leah’s work.  Their editing skills made an enormous impact on my motivation and confidence as an academic writer. You will truly benefit from working with Leah. They are easy to work with, professional, and timely. Their edits, comments, and suggestions will reveal an art to writing you did not know was there. They will truly make you a better writer.


                                                          - Jesse Langer, Ed.D. candidate at the University of St. Thomas

Over the course of my graduate studies, it was my pleasure to interact with Leah as colleagues, though I always thought of them as more of a mentor. They took me under their wing while I was still working on my master’s degree, and helped guide me toward my current Ph.D. studies. When it came time for my preliminary exams, I decided to formally hire Leah to edit what is known at our institution as the “special paper,” asking them to read for content, grammar, and syntax, as well as APA Style. The results were impressive. In fact, their careful attention to detail led one professor on my committee to comment that it was the best paper he had read over the course of his thirty-year career. While I would like to think that would have happened without Leah’s expertise, I know better. Leah helped me take that paper from good to great; and even better, the APA Style expert on my committee found NO APA ERRORS. In short, you will not regret the investment you make hiring Leah.

- Anne Barnes, PhD candidate, University of Minnesota

I have collaborated with Leah professionally in the past at the Midwestern Higher Education Compact. Leah authored or contributed to many of the organization's publications and I was fortunate to collaborate on some of those documents. 
I was always impressed not only with the strength of Leah's own writing but their ability to support me in developing my own writing as a colleague. This support not only improved the writing itself but the thinking behind the writing. Leah is a generative collaborator who deeply invests in their professional relationships. Their work ethic is matched only by their sense of humor. 
Whether you are a student, early professional, or established in your career, I believe you will find working with Leah valuable. The value of their insights will undoubtedly go beyond the basic mechanics of writing and will support you in clarifying your ideas and make your arguments more effective.

- Michael Reis, Associate Director of Online Instruction, VCU

I’ve worked with Leah on numerous academic writing ventures over the years in different capacities – as co-writer, colleague, collaborator, and editor. Most recently I hired Leah to do preliminary editing on my book recently published with Routledge, Internationalizing US Student Affairs: An Intercultural and Inclusive Framework. Their skills at editing allowed my voice to shine through while addressing undeveloped areas or arguments. Additionally, the publisher’s contracted editor reviewed the manuscript and said it was so well edited that there were few areas to address. I believe this is testament to Leah’s abilities.

Additionally, having witnessed Leah’s work with graduate students, I can speak to their expertise at advising research design, manuscript development, and writing for publication. Leah identifies strengths and uses those to bolster areas for development to the benefit of the student’s work and their learning. Leah supports others in their work in a supportive, collegial manner with professionalism and respect.

                       -Dr. Tamara Yakaboski, Full Professor, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership,                                   University of Northern Colorado

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